We’re live! (updated)


I’m late opening my ETSY shop…forgot what it was like to tweak listings on ETSY, all the little things you have to think of: the terms and conditions for items, the postage for different countries, and all those photos you’re allowed to post, now!

“Luscious Letters” is killing me. It sounds like a steamy soft-porn novel. Ye Gods!

UPDATE: I settled for the name “The Scarlet Letterbox”

But it’s nearly midnight, every name I come up with is worse than the previous one, and I am still at the office. The tide is a long way out by now and I am stranded ashore, so I guess I’ll be sleeping in this dress, and “Hello again, old couch in the storeroom.”

This is by no means the final “face” of my shop OR the Letters project, but I couldn’t keep putting things off until they were perfect. They’ll never be perfect! Sometimes you just have to dive in, give yourself permission to start dinky, Photoshop-illiterate, using whatever you’ve got, and Relax…knowing that you can fix things tomorrow, and improve the overall project as you go.

Mail for Sale

Most importantly, you may now sign up for 4-, 8-, and 12-month letter subscriptions.

Your feedback and suggestions are very welcome. If something sucks, please tell me while it’s still baby step days! LOL


10 thoughts on “We’re live! (updated)

  1. Congratulations! I love this idea. I wish I had the money to subscribe…maybe someday soon. Forget “Luscious”…it borders on creepy…lol. I would think of a cool name that encompasses all that is enclosed….like “Encompass”…just thinking out loud.

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    1. UPDATE: I settled for the name “Letters for Breakfast”…mainly because I write these letters in the morning. It’s not fancy schmancy, but it beats luscious! LOL Thanks for the feedback!


  2. Well done for getting it all done so fast! I’m impressed! I’ve had good ideas for longer and haven’t got as far with them as you have.. (hopefully soon).. 🙂 🙂 🙂 here’s wishing you loads of customers! 🙂

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    1. It’s quite an amazing feeling. I had to laugh at a quote from Walt Disney on my weekly diary page this morning: “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” It feels strange to have jumped in, with hardly any prepping, but it feels good, too. Because I can actually see a path, now, where there was nothing two weeks ago. One step on the path at a time…
      Thank you, Jesska! I’m hoping it catches on, too…


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