31 December 2017

Kris is in Maui, Hawaii



21 thoughts on “LANDFALL

  1. That’s wonderful news, Nat. I thought Kris was heading for the Marquesas, but Hawaii is a very sensible landfall at this time of year. He can head down via Samoa in April, assuming that is his intention. It looks like 2018 is looking up already!!

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    1. He was! But that’s never a sure thing, intentions and such…probably lost wind and drifted, I dunno, I am sure he’ll write a long e-mail to tell me all about it! I don’t think he can stay in Hawaii, he doesn’t have a visa for the US, as he wasn’t intending to go there. I believe they’ll grant him something like 14 days? We shall see what happens.


      1. Although Samoa, Tonga etc are best not approached before April, there are many islands closer to the equator where he will be safe from cyclones, though the winds are notoriously light there too. Not that Kris needs me to tell him what to do. He is one of the great sailors, like Joshua Slocum. Not many of them left now. He is a maritime treasure.

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      1. I don’t know how you manage with all the unknowing.. I hate when people I want to talk to don’t get in touch within days… You are amazing 🙂
        and I’m so glad you have contact again, however fleeting 🙂 How long left until he’s in the same place as you are?


        1. I don’t know that there’s any alternative,Jesska, other than leave Kris and find somebody who likes to stay home and mow the lawn on Sundays…LOL
          I married him knowing full well who/what he was (maybe even for that very reason) and you don’t try to change people you love…so the months and years apart, not knowing whether he’s dead or sick or dying or adrift in a lifeboat, are not separate from that love. If I insisted on more control, I would lose him. THIS way, he comes rushing back to me, and the time apart makes the time together precious 🙂 I have no idea how long. Zilch. Graham (in the comments) says he can leave Maui in April because of the weather. I do not think Kris will wait that long. I don’t know what he’ll do. We haven’t had contact, yet. Some kind person he met relayed an SMS just to tell me he’s okay.

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