From The Archives: Mail Art

A letter to Katmail art bundle for KatMy superwoman friend Kat, she of the creative-dream-enabling website, Zero the One, got married and moved to Rome. We exchanged a few letters. This is the pamphlet-bound notebook full of random painting, drawing, collage and writing that I sent to her. The cat photo in the upper right is from Souther Salazar, featuring his family’s tiny kitty, Popcorn (RIP Popcorn)

The Agony Artist"I send you my ear..."I wrote to a friend and fellow artist on the back of this gory drawing…a grumbling, neurotic, self-pitying letter full of inner-critic stuff. I re-read it when I was done, and was so ashamed that I never sent it. Still, this picture made the rounds when it appeared on the internet…everyone loved that bloody ear, attached by a staple.

The Garden Isle pageNaNoJouMo - 010Actually not a letter, but a page in my journal. The paper is an old sailing chart, and so the “isle” drawn here was an actual bit of land on the chart. I filled it with trees and a character inspired by my favorite childhood book, The Girl Who Loved The Wind, illustrated by Ed Young.

Tea bags and Sugar CubesTea bags and sugar cubes :: a postcard for MariaI rented a studio in the city, for a while, and the Greek girl in the room next to mine became my loyal tea-time visitor and craziness collaborator. We balanced teacups on tiny saucers, made up strange dance steps, and uttered complete nonsense in theatrical British accents. Our conversations could have been written by Lewis Carroll. She moved back to Melbourne at the end of the year, and for a while we exchanged letters. I lost of track of her, eventually.

Letter to Ingridpeanut butter & banana smoothieSent to Ingrid from Guatemala, where a peanut butter & banana smoothie felt like a religious experience (I love peanut butter. I love bananas. I love cold smoothies. Natural epiphany!)

Envelope to M in Germany

mail art MKAn envelope full of my printed postcards, for my god-daughter in Germany (and her mum, one of my life’s best friends). The face of the envelope seemed so big and empty, I did a quick sketch of the ashtray that was (probably) in front of me. She and I were both smokers in the years we knew each other.

Letter to Ingridan old fashioned letterThe same letter, on the back, I think. The paper was a big watercolour sheet, so I broke up the expanses o white with colourful blobs of pattern like this.


4 thoughts on “From The Archives: Mail Art

  1. Lovely, every one. You remind me of Emily Dickinson, who wrote a poem to accompany the return of a pair of muddy boots (cleaned) to a neighbor child. Somehow, in some way, everything you touch is turned to gold!


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