New Print: Three moons & a tropical sun

3 moons and a sunA new illustration in my Society6 shop. In it, three jellyfish ‘moons’ float around a tendrilled and petalled discus that glows like an underwater sun. Striated coral bommies fill the lower half of the frame.

The themes of sea, marine life, ships and the saturated colours of the tropics, feature a lot in my life and, therefore, in my illustrations.

The original is in acrylic (paint and ink) on canvas, and is destined to become the covering material of a hand-bound journal that was commissioned earlier this year.

Premium quality art prints on fine rag paper are available at Society6. I’ve also enabled the design for printing on selected items. Enjoy!


9 thoughts on “New Print: Three moons & a tropical sun

    1. I have spent so much time floating over coral reefs in the tropics, this sort of imagery finds its way into my work whether I want it to or not! But it is true, I love the waters around the equator, and the beings that inhabit them… Thank you for dropping by!


    1. Thank you! It’s funny, that indigenous feel…my work was never associated with that, until I moved to Australia. I guess it’s the association with anything that has dots, although they’re common enough in all cultures (and, up here in the North, the indigenous style is crosshatching and x-ray animals!)


        1. I’ve always been attracted to tribal motifs, where dots and hands come up constantly, so yes, when I got to Australia and people saw my work (inspired more by Indonesian batik and Indian mehndi on hands) they would ask me if I was aboriginal. When I replied that I wasn’t, they would caution me on “appropriating” aboriginal motifs! LOL I have moved on from the tribal motifs of Southeast Asia, at any rate, so I don’t get it so much. But your comment reminded me of that time in my life…


          1. Oh that is a bit sad. Kind of touches on the ridiculous side of copyright. Who owns a dot for goodness sake. It is a form of folk art by the people, and copyright is a grey- we area. If dots inspired you, and allowed you to express yourself, why not paint It? Having said that, I do think we should be respectful of indigenous art but we also should have the right to express ourselves. It is a balance, perhaps? I am happy to hear you have found more inspiration in other areas.


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