Look like a mermaid…

swear like a sailor…

two-faced cup
Had a quiet day at home, on the boat, yesterday. I took my stash of Posca pens out, thinking I would have a bit of a play in my art journal…but this plain white cup on a kitchen shelf caught my eye, and I wound up painting a mermaid and a sailor on it, instead.

I saw the quote online, on a mass-produced cup, and nearly bought it; but the design was rather poor—no images, only the words in a scribbled font, and they were unreadable amid the expanses of white space—that the whole thing looked skimpy and cheaply made.  I decided I would wait until I found a better one, then forgot all about it until yesterday.

two-faced cup

Few people know that Posca pens can be used on ceramics. Because we sell Posca pens in the shop, I’ve had to download the extensive materials information sheet  from the Posca website for our customers.

Drawings done with these pens can be baked in an oven to make them semi-permanent (the pieces probably wouldn’t hold up to heavy use, and must be washed gently, by hand). I like them much, much better than Sharpies, because the acrylic paint in a Posca pen is opaque, so that they cover with one stroke and I can layer different colours on top of each other.

two-faced cup

I can’t take credit for the sailor, which is not mine…he was from a bit of street art that I spotted in Colombia, over a year ago…

I’m uncomfortable with the fact that I’ve used someone else’s design, but it was the seed idea that got me started in the first place, and I didn’t actually believe I would finish the cup (because I’ve never drawn on a cup before, the surface sloping in funny ways, cleaning up with alcohol and gingerly holding it in some paper towel so as not to get the oil from my fingers on it…it all seemed too hard, I was sure I would fuck up at some point.) It wasn’t until I’d done both sailor and mermaid that I realised the thing was “for real”…that it was good enough to “fix” in an oven and keep.

It’s just for myself, and I won’t be repeating the design again. I would like to use the same quote on a mug for my Society6 shop, but coming up with the entire design from scratch. Someday.

two-faced cup


11 thoughts on “Look like a mermaid…

  1. I love it!! My friend Julie would flip for it too because she is a mermaid freek..but you’re not making any more..waaaahh! lol


    1. I’d like to get around to designing one of my own, and putting it on Society6 or someplace…but I am having technical issues on all fronts, and Society6 has upped their file size requirements so that the photos my DSLR takes are no longer big enough to make the grade. I could do a digital design on Photoshop, but my laptop will only run for 45 minutes. Everything needs replacing, I don’t know where to start…:D Until there is disposable income, I am back to making individual things by hand, and selling them to the people around me…which has its merits, but it’s no way to make a living… Thank you for visiting! I wish I could blog more, I miss my WordPress community!


  2. I freeking love it and my friend Julie would fall head over heels for it..but you’re not making any more…waaaaaaaahhh! lol


  3. Fantastic! I love the design and the quote made me chuckle. I’ve got the sailor part down but need to glam up a bit to be a mermaid I think.

    I hadn’t thought to use posca paint pens for ceramics. That could be a fun project with my kids.

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