paint & puffballs

Allium journals (WIP)
These embroidered allium journals are probably the most time-consuming of the ten journals that a friend has commissioned from me, so I thought I had better get cracking on the embroidery part. This is Number 2. They always take longer than I think they will: the painted canvas is leathery, hard to push through, and my index finger already bears small cracks and cuts where I use it to push the needle in. I suppose I should use a thimble, but I don’t own one (I have yet to find one that fits me properly).
Allium jurnal WIP
The puffballs are very pretty (I think so, anyway) when embroidered…they don’t look as nice, painted or drawn. But it’s incredibly boring work, the same star stitch, over and over. Thank god for audio books! They make the repetitive stitching bearable. I have been listening to Barbara Mujica’s “Mi Hermana Frida” in Spanish. It’s my second time to listen to this audio book…a year and a half has passed since I first listened to it. I’m enjoying it so much more, this time around, because my Spanish is much better than it was then. It’s a nice way, too, to hang on to what I know of the language, as I hardly get to use it over here…


7 thoughts on “paint & puffballs

    1. This one came to a halt…I think I was dismayed by how commonplace and ordinary it looked…despite all the stitching! I have done these puffballs too many times on book covers, I think, and I feel like I am “flogging a dead horse”, motif-wise. I could not bring myself to finish it. I might cut them out and use them in something else…something less predictable. 😀


  1. I love your embroidered covers! So pretty, but I imagine pushing the needle through painted canvas would be a bit tough! It’s a great idea about stitching to audiobooks, though I do find when I am hand embroidering that I tend to go into a different world and time zone anyway! I only recently discovered your blog and am really enjoying your posts and artwork, so have nominated you for a Blue Sky Tag. See: Thank you xxx

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