If The Caribbean were a mini golf course

My favorite place as a mini-golf course...In the second part of our homework for Sketchbook Skool under Brian Butler, we had to use the same “one from column A, one from column B” way of generating interesting images, but this time using iconic symbols/images from “My Favorite Place”.

He encouraged us to imagine a mini-golf course.

I decided on a still life of the usual things on my desk (a shout out to being back in Oz, at home) and paired each object up with something from one of the countries visited between 2014-2016. By the time I got to the end, things had moved around a bit, I added bits…it took on a life of its own, which is always a good thing (and a relief).

My favorite place as a mini-golf course...

My favorite place as a mini-golf course...

My favorite place as a mini-golf course...Thus ends Week 3 of Sketchbook Skool. Every Monday I get online hoping that we’ll have Felix Scheinberger, next. I wonder if he’ll be next week’s teacher? So exciting!

6 thoughts on “If The Caribbean were a mini golf course

  1. How interesting! When I think I’ve seen it all, I notice another detail unexpectedly. The eyes and mouth on the milk jug, for instance, being made of shells. This is beautiful and reveals so much.

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  2. WOW! This must have taken you so many hours to create. It’s so full of wonderful details. I love that you combined observational drawing of the still life variety with memories of your travels. I love that the whole piece is so robustly narrative and visually rich. Exceptional work.

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    1. Half a day, I guess, I didn’t keep track. When you’re engaged, you don’t notice time. It’s nice to disappear into the making if something. I’m lucky I have this sort of time (then again, nobody’s washing the dishes, and the laundry’s piling up…but “a perfectly kept house is the sign of a misspent life” LOL

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  3. HI My interest was piqued by your mention of Felix Scheinberger. I found him and must agree that his sketching is great. Then I became distracted by all the other sketchers who show off their journals- and decided that mine won’t be public, take too much time, too busy filling them up. But I do LOVE seeing yours! Alis

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    1. A tricky point, and I agree with you on this…anything that is not actual making and working is superfluous, is eating into your time to create. Making art has deeply personal, autotelic rewards that have absolutely nothing to do with: the approval of others, the popularity of the work on, say, Instagram, the price the piece sells for (if it sells at all). External influences and recognition are a beast that stands apart from the intimate relationship between artist and thing made.
      It’s wonderful that you have no time to post your sketchbooks on the internet because you are too busy filling them up. That is better than any popularity the internet can give you. Thanks, Alison 🙂


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