hybrid vigour

Brewster & Cappuchicken

Last week in Sketchbook Skool, Brian Butler took us along to rock concerts to watch him sketch on the dance floor, and then we went for a walk around the neighbourhood to generate site-specific ideas for a mural in downtown Los Angeles.

His system for generating ideas by writing a list of adjectives in one column, a list of nouns in the other column—and then randomly combining a word from each column—called to mind my own exercises in imagination by drawing two or three slips of paper from a cup, and then creating a hybrid image from the words.

CHICKEN FEET + POTS was my first attempt to do the homework Brian gave us. PERFUME + FOOD was the second.
Eau de Habañero

3 thoughts on “hybrid vigour

  1. I admire your illustrations. They are witty and beautiful. I love the idea of that exercise. My kids and I play a drawing game where we pull two slips of paper from a pile with each slip naming an animal and then we have to draw the hybrid. I think the version you describe must be a lot of fun too.

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    1. I love all those gentle stretching exercises for the imagination that give me a sense of how much more flexible my brain is than it can seem on a Monday morning at work. 😉 Kids are great explorers into this vastly more nimble state of mind…

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