his nibs

vintage nibsAn exercise in monochrome sketching (except that I added amber ink splatters, at the end) and cross-hatching. One of my favourite artists, as far as drawing with ink is concerned, is Ronald Searle. He drew with a dip pen—wonderful variation of thick and thin lines—and used splatters in his drawings, a lot; so I did the same here: a couple of nibs, and sepia ink. Splatters using amber ink and a toothbrush.

This was my week’s homework for Sketchbook Skool: Exploring…which I scraped the bottom of my bank account  to join because this is the last time the class “Exploring” is going to run, and urban sketcher Felix Scheinberger—one of my idols—will be teaching. But all the teachers in Exploring are excellent, and I am looking forward to doing something different each week, with each one.

I am trying to rekindle some kind of daily drawing habit, too, and paying for a class is a good way to make sure you do the drawing assignments!

This week’s class was given by Danny Gregory, also a very cool artist, and I enjoyed his demos of how to draw an object using only contour lines and different kinds of hatching marks to give it dimension and texture. His video, “Breakfast,” doesn’t just make me hungry, it really makes me want to be the sort of person who does a drawing in her sketchbook, first thing in the morning, every morning. Right after the first pee, and before having coffee and a fag (and that’s my breakfast…no toasty onion bagels *sigh*) 😉



7 thoughts on “his nibs

  1. Love your drawing! Good to know that you are at SBS. I’ve been taking their courses since the beginning and I really like the way they do it, specially the possibility of different teachers in the same course. I’m at Exploring too, hope to meet you there! Hugs from Brazil!


  2. That watercolor, the ink, his eyes and spots of color the tints and salt got me thinking, ready to make marks, juices flowing. Great post, lovely sketches and splatters? yes. Welcome back.


  3. I am a professional flutist. If I want to kick my practice efforts back into overdrive, all I have to do is sign up for a (VERY pricey) private lesson with my guru. Just preparing for that lesson puts me at a new level. Enjoy your class – and the resulting reinvigoration!!


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