Burning the midnight sun

POLLINATE Rechargable solar lamp

I bought a POLLINATE ENERGY Rechargable solar lamp recently, after seeing it in action at a friend’s garden party. I’ve been using it every night, since, and cannot praise it enough.

I connect the lamp to its small solar panel (installed permanently on the roof of the houseboat) during the day to charge it; at night, I disconnect it from the solar panel, and can then use the lamp as a desk lamp (it comes with a stand), a hanging light, or as a handheld torch/flashlight, anywhere on the boat. It casts a warm and extremely bright light.ย  At it’s brightest setting (it has three: a night light setting, a regular setting you can read or cook by, and a turbo setting good enough to embroider by,) a fully-charged lamp will last 6 hours.

The boat has always been equipped with solar lights, but because they run off a large deep-cycle 12-volt battery, they have wires, and had to be permanently fixed to the ceilings; I can’t move around the boat to work, and the light coming from several feet overhead just isn’t powerful enough to do fine work by. I used to have to stop doing finicky crafts or drawing when evening came, because most LED solar lights are bluish, sickly, and flicker in a way that tires the eyes quickly.


Since buying the Sunking Pro2 from Pollinate Energy, I have been able to stitch, write, read, paint, and bind books well into the night. I’m no longer confined to my worktable inside the cabin, but free to work anywhere on Sonofagun’s spacious deck, as well. Heck, I could take my needlework with me, camping, if I was so inclined.

Both the lamp and its solar panel are ruggedly built and virtually indestructible. The battery has a lifetime of 5 years, and the lamp comes with a 2 year warranty. I didn’t even mention the 2 USB charging ports, because I don’t have any use for them…my big solar panel and battery set-up handles that.


And if all of that doesn’t make this lamp desirable enough, then you should know about Pollinate Energy’s mission to provide safe, clean, solar-powered light (among other things) to households in India. When I buy one Sunking Pro2 lamp, in Australia (about AUD130, with shipping), I subsidise the costs of production to make 5 solar lamps affordable for families living in the urban slums of Indiaโ€”so that kids don’t have to study or do their homework by the dangerous, smelly, toxic light of a kerosene lamp, and their parents can do their livelihood work in the evenings by good, bright lights. These lights save on kerosene, on carbon emissions, save eyes and lungs, and won’t start fires…


They’re perfect, really. I recommend the Sunking Pro2 to anyone wanting a good, bright portable light…not just the odd boat or caravan dwellers and enthusiastic campers, but even anyone that currently owns a large flashlight and buys disposable batteries for it. Check out Pollinate’s website here.

And no, I was neither paid nor prompted to write this. I am only too happy to recommend good products for free, when I come upon them. ๐Ÿ™‚


9 thoughts on “Burning the midnight sun

    1. The manual says that even on cloudy days it will trickle in…it would have to, to be of any good to Indiands during the monsoon season, which is when they need light inside their homes, the most. In fierce sun, my light went from zero to full in 4 hours. But then, full, it lasts 12 hours on standard setting…I never use it up in a night. I went three nights, first time, before having to recharge. ๐Ÿ™‚ The company that manufactures the lamp is called, I think, greenlight, it’s in the US…but the company that does that thing with one lamp buying 5 for Indians, is the Australian pollinate company, who distribute the american product.

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  1. Nat, the revelation about the lamp is no less illuminating than your incisive article “Write over the edge of a cliff”! I hope I keep my marbles long enough to appreciate such fine writing. I take time to savor every paragraph!


    1. I’m funny about lamps. I find it almost impossible to work by bad light, poor light, bluish light, weird flickering lights. I lose the desire to do anything.
      A bright warm lamp hovering just 12-16 inches from my journal page or drawing or embroidery hoop REALLY motivates me, I feel like I’m in control of what I’m doing, I feel excited to get work done. LOL Light junkie.

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