A feeling of impending doom…

I’ve got a really bad feeling about the US Presidential elections. I’m convinced that Trump doesn’t want to win…everything he does seems calculated to ruin his chances of winning. That any serious presidential candidate would be so offensive is not so much infuriating as it is absurd. Trump’s faux pas are not elements of a presidential platform but a theatrical production that seem calculated to attract all the public attention to himself, so that nobody scrutinises The Other Candidate too much.

Frankly, I think everyone’s being tricked—all the while believing they’re being intelligent and principled voters by rejecting this exaggeratedly bad candidate—into giving their vote to “the Lesser Evil” that Hillary appears to be. I think both candidates (and the rest of the cast) are working together to lock in a desired result.

And that’s even more terrifying than the idea of an ignorant, unlikable man like Trump being president…because if this whole election campaign has been a performance to manipulate people’s feelings and ensure that Hillary wins, no matter what, there must be a very good reason why people should not want her for president.

It’s possible that while everyone’s eyes have been on a scary clown, a much more atrocious candidate has been sneaking toward the prize.

Like I said before, there’s a turd in the punch bowl and everyone’s still choosing cups. Selection in this election is a deception; the winner was picked ages ago, and folks are being diddled into thinking they’re making intelligent choices.


7 thoughts on “A feeling of impending doom…

  1. No. Sorry, but no. He’s just unravelling, not having understood the scrutiny he’d come under, and, probably, has never understood that his ingrained attitudes are wrong. None of this stuff emerged during the primaries, so now Republicans are left wondering how they picked such a flawed candidate. Like I said, no.


  2. Interesting because I too wondered, but only to myself, if this was just a nefarious plot to get H.C. where she wanted. I’m glad others have considered this possibility because, even if it is not true, it is no more absurd or scary that any other explanation. Love your punch bowl analogy!

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    1. We have a choice between a lying thief (remember the White House items that had to be returned) and an obnoxious buffoon. I pray for this nation. My hope is that IF he gets elected he will appoint intelligent leaders to surround & help him.


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