aguardiente “La Quezalteca”

Aguardiente La Quezalteca
Kris needed a bottle of cheap alcohol for his homemade Elegguá (the Orisha who, as you might recall from my previous posts, is fond of cigars, strong spirits, and sweet things)…more about that later! He bought this pocket-sized flask at the local supermarket. The label was so pretty that I just had to draw the bottle, to go into my growing collection of local beers and hot sauce bottles.

No, I didn’t try it…it smells like paint thinner! And I found bottles of cabernet sauvignon, from Spain, at the same supermarket, for under $4. I have a weak spot for red wine. 😉

A compound word from agua (water) and ardiente (burning or glowing), aguardiente is what English speakers would call “firewater”…a strong alcohol, technically distilled from sugar cane, though other sweet musts and grains are also used.

6 thoughts on “aguardiente “La Quezalteca”

    1. Thanks, Laura. I’m coming to realise that I am most happy drawing small things around me, paying attention to the details. Sweeping landscapes don’t have enough contrast…and people move too darn fast! 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Dave! I’m very happy with it, too. Even though I don’t drink much, and Kris not at all, we circle these bottles of fire-and-water contradiction, fascinated by the liquid demon (or is it a god?) trapped within, and attracted to the oblivion that others have loved/hated so much. “Here’s to alcohol, the rose colored glasses of life.”


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