yummy color

an old fashioned letter

Left my glasses at a tortilla shack in town today, will go back and get them tomorrow. In the meantime, just a post of things I’ve been playing with, lately, and not a lot of soulful writing… because I can hardly see what I’m doing!
an old fashioned letter
In the first three photos are some of the art I put into old-fashioned letters to friends…though I’ve since learned that Guatemala’s post office no longer functions. (The government put a Canadian company in charge, but hasn’t paid the company’s fees in past months, so the postal services have shut down.) Bummer. May just have to post these from Mexico.

colonial architecture

Also, some meaningless photos of paint…I’ll be going home to Australia later this year, and I’ve just realized that I can’t take my paints with me. Arrggh! So I am doodling, playing, experimenting, and being quite heavy-handed with the palette knife these days, trying to use up as much as I can. Hopefully they won’t dry out before Kris gets the boat (and all my art materials) back to Darwin…though they’re at least a couple of years old, already, and dry out very quickly on the palette.

UntitledThat’s all for now…have a great weekend!


8 thoughts on “yummy color

    1. I don’t write as much as I’d like, and I tend to write to two or three people more, then feel bad that I am not writing to all my friends, equally (whose addresses I collected before leaving, and promised I would send postcards and things) but it is better than no letters at all, and I can always improve!
      It’s getting harder, these days, to send mail art and unusual letters…a real shame. Post offices have become such corporate, bottom-line affairs…they reject heavily decorated envelopes, unusual materials, strange envelopes. But there’s still lots that can be done within the new rules.

      I’m stubborn, I insist on keeping the whole letter-writing thing alive…it’s a beautiful art form (painted or not) and a kind of meditation, a way into thoughtfulness and self-reflection. I find that when I sit down to write a letter, I channel the best parts of who I am, and I imagine the best parts of my friend; the world is somehow less sordid, too…a gentler place, where old-fashioned personal touches are still possible, and time spent communicating in-depth with someone is time well-spent. I am a better person, when I’m writing letters.
      I admit to feeling a twinge of disappointment that I don’t get such letters, back. Only my brother—a wonderful artist—used to match me in sending fabulous letters back…but he’s on another road in life, now, and has no time for that anymore. 😦
      There are swaps and things on the internet, for mail art, but there is no substance, no personal reference point…and one can hardly expect deeply personal mail from someone who has been roped into producing twelve postcards for 12 strangers, before a deadline. It’s fun to do, but it’s not the same as a thoughtful, handwritten couple of pages from someone you’ve known a long time.
      I am REALLY rambling, now, aren’t I? LOL Best let you get back to the real world. I’m cooking dinner for vegan friends, tonight, better start prepping everything! I should’ve sent this in an e-mail, no? Or in a letter. 🙂

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  1. Nat, why can’t you take your paints into Australia? I traveled to Russia and back with my paints just recently. (with Australian Chroma Josonja paints, actually) I put a letter of explanation with the MSDS lists of materials in the paints and customs didn’t bat an eye. Is there a special ruling in Australia? Inquiring mind wants to know. (In case I suddenly decide to go to Australia).

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    1. Nothing so serious, Jen! Just that I have two suitcases, and they are full to capacity. I always buy the 40 kilo checked-in baggage allowance, and I use it. I’ve prioritised taking all my sketchbooks and visual journals home because the inspiration will go into painting for a show; my bookbinding tools (because I’m going to be so broke that I will have to get straight into making stuff for my ETSY shop) and all the drawing/painting tools (the best brushes, the dip pens, scalpels and blades, boxes of nibs) that would cost too much to replace upon arrival in Oz. Then there are my electronics…laptop, Wacom tablet, cameras, all the chargers and hard drives and lord-knows-what-else…they’re always heavy.
      It’s okay, I had two of every paint and only put half of my paints in the boat when Kris left the country…there’s another set (and so much more) waiting at home! LOL If I could have one super power, it would be to shrink all my stuff, like The Mighty Thor does his hammer, into a matchbox I can carry in my pocket. *sigh*


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