Calle de las damas

Calle de las damas

One of my favorite streets in the old town…where Calle de las damas becomes Calle Vicaria  Santa Teresa. Taken from the murallas (the high fortified walls that surround this medieval city), the slight elevation provides some lovely downward-looking views of the city’s streets.

P.S. These photos should be seen at full format (click the post’s title, above, or this link, to be taken to the post’s individual page and a full-screen format photo).
Calle de las damas

I walked the entire length of these walls one morning, almost all the way around the city.
from the murallas

I seem to have dropped out for longer than I intended, life just took over and whisked me away from my virtual world…before I knew it two weeks had gone by without a post! But I am working on some good blog posts about the city of Cartagena de Indias, hopefully to be posted soon. We will be here another 3 weeks or thereabouts.


7 thoughts on “Calle de las damas

  1. Dear Love, a sight worth waiting for! You have been so busy! Your Flickr Albums are beautifully done! Golly, so many scenes are similar to Manila’s Intramuros. Like the little food cart. Just like the ones here on the streets! Such a beautifully preserved Centrol Historico! If the Americans hadn’t bombed Manila back to the stones and rocks age, much of our old city would be the same today, perhaps. But the Cartegenans really love bright, saturated wonderful colors! Carry on…you have the makings of a fascinating, illustrated cofee–table travel book!


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