And now, for something completely different.

Beautiful, heartfelt writing from a dear, dear friend who is reeling in the tenuous skein of her own voice after too many years of silence. Thank you, Nina, for this post!

Lakad Dito, Lakad Doon

I know, I know. I haven’t been a very good blogger this past year. But honestly, there’s been so much going on and I’ve been so overwhelmed that I just wanted to retreat and take stock of things before posting again.

So. To the three, maybe four, readers who still follow this blog, hello again.

I’ve been sorting through the photos I took last year trying to choose what to post, so expect a few new items to appear here soon. But for now, as I said above, here’s something completely different.

A few people in my life know that I love to sing. I love music, all kinds and all genres. As long as it resonates with me or has a good melody, I’m all over it. I’ve been known to listen to the same album — heck, even the same song — over and over for weeks on…

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6 thoughts on “And now, for something completely different.

    1. pffft “interesting” what a word, it’s wonderful that you’re singing again, you sound amazing, stop making me out to be some kind of taste-maker! Just keep going, make time for your passions, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by pursuing the things you love instead of putting them on a backburner in order to work at boring jobs and doing things that don’t make you as happy. Express yourself! It is later than you think…

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