the groove

Trying to get back into the creative groove. It’s been a while since we were in a country where I can find decent (not top quality, but good enough for my skill levels!) art materials. Also, I have time to uncramp my arthritic creativity …we are here another two months.
fish tale
These are bits and pieces I’ve made, or am working on these days.
café Colombiano

hot sauce
Calle de las Damas

4 thoughts on “the groove

  1. You are making…yippee. It all comes together, the eyes, the hands the mind and heart when you make. Are these woven? Lovely. That snake-Love the insinuation. You will stay a month, unpack, make a book, recycle, draw paint, enjoy and please keep sharing.

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    1. It sounds lovely, I certainly hope I can do all that! The real bracelets are macramé, I think…just like friendship bracelets. I am so proud of how I’ve finally figured out how to do the scales on things like snakes and fish…now I just want to paint mermaids for the next few months…

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