haiti 02

We are in Haiti. We arrived last Thursday, but didn’t get a chance to come across the strait to an internet cafe in the city until now. We are in a very safe little sheltered harbour on Ile ‘a Vache, most interestingly known as the hideout for many of the pirates who looted and terrorised the Caribbean, most famously Captain Morgan.

haiti 01

The text I wrote for this post has disappeared from the thumb drive I brought, and i haven’t got time to rewrite everything, as this is not really an internet cafe but a print shop, and i am using their work computer.

haiti 03

Just want everyone to know we are safe and well, and the island is a charming, if basic and very poor, place.

11 thoughts on “Haiti

    1. Don’t leave it till too late…too often we let the unimportant details of life stop us from doing the bigger things. Breaking away from routines will pay you back a hundred times. Glad you like the photos, thanks!


    1. LOL Not at all perilous, it is much more dangerous to drive a car in any major city, and we do that all the time without giving it a second thought. The world is just the world, we are all more similar to each other than we think, and nothing human should seem strange to us.


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