(Status) Quo tablet

So I bought the tablet yesterday…some small, unheard of brand (QuoTab). The shop didn’t have any new ones in stock, I bought the display item, and the owner gave me a small discount.

Looks like I was ripped off, anyway. The earphones are missing, and the battery holds a whopping 8 minutes when fully charged. I looked the product up on the manufacturer’s website, and find this:

The Battery of our Tablets QUO have not feature removable.

Back to the shop today, with my “scary” face on, to try and menace them about the battery, though I doubt I’ll get anywhere, if the batteries in this tablet aren’t replaceable.

I have been had.

If you know what you’re doing, you get what you pay for. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you get what you deserve.

I am using Kris’ laptop, at the moment, though that is on its last legs, as well, and will probably up and die in six months’ time. I don’t want to commit anymore money, while in Venezuela, to this problem: you just can’t trust the stores, it’s impossible to get service or spare parts.

I need to think about what I’m going to do.


9 thoughts on “(Status) Quo tablet

  1. I am calling out to all Nat’s followers. If we all contribute a small amount it might help this situation. Has anyone got ideas? Nat can we perhaps send money electronically? The world is a better place with happiness spread around…just a thought

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    1. Yes, Nat, I would chip in also to get you a new tablet or laptop. Pity you can’t find good brands there, like Apple or Samsung.Their new G4-5 phones have great cameras built in and are capable of nice blogging. But did you try the Apple Support tips I sent you (through Kris) to try and resurrect your MacBook?
      Let us all know how we can send funds. PayPal?
      Love, Dad

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      1. Cheers, Dad, but I don’t want to buy another stop-gap device, and no, no Apple products here, they’re much too expensive, what with inflation being 200%…
        The tablet works, though I have to plug it in to charge as I use it. No problem, I am still connected, somehow or other. I have a card reader for my camera’s SD, so I can still upload. Business as usual (well, maybe longer gaps between posts, but WTH, I have the important things: access to e-mail, and internet for banking, government, etcetera. The blog is further down the list of priorities, as it basically just provides entertainment and strokes my ego…) 😉


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