Saltos Ucaima & Golondrina

Canaima camp
The trip, by canoe, downriver and back to Canaima, was quicker. We reached the main camp at four in the afternoon. From the beach where we disembarked it was a short walk down the road to a viewing platform looking over Ucaima and Hacha Falls. These roaring falls provide all of the electricity used by the large Canaima community.
Salto Ucaima
Dinner with the rest of the tour group in the Kavac restaurant was exquisite, and full of mirth, storytelling, and practical information about traveling around S. America (we were invited to the Yucatan by the Mexican couple, Edgar and Ambar, and have added it to out travel plans over the next couple of years as something we seriously want to do.) That night Kris and I had a room with four beds all to ourselves.
Canaima Community

The next morning, we walked through the Pemon community and gathered on the Canaima Lagoon beach.
Salto Ucaima
The day’s itinerary was a trip across the lagoon, past Ucaima and Hacha Falls,
Salto Ucaima
to Golondrina Falls, where we got out of the canoe and climbed to a rock shelf right next to the waterfall.
Salto Golondrina
Salto Golondrina
The path led right into the waterfall (I left my camera behind at this point…(Francesco assured us that nothing would stay dry, no matter how well wrapped)and opened up behind into a huge cavern, hidden behind the roaring curtain of water. It was a magical other world behind the waterfall…swallows (golondrinas, which gave the waterfall its name) darted in and out, and their little cup nests of mud and grass clung to the wet rock walls…each one carrying a precious, creamy-white egg.
It’s hard to believe we walked the entire length behind these falls!
Salto Golondrina


13 thoughts on “Saltos Ucaima & Golondrina

  1. What an idyllic, magical, wonderful spot in the world. You make me want to grab my passport and run. Walking behind that waterfall must have been incredible. I have found it amazing to walk behind much smaller waterfalls so to get so close to one of that scale and power must have been astounding.

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