blue glass

blue beer bottleA blue beer bottle from the fisherman’s restaurant on the beach along Paseo Colon. Picked some flowering shrubs along the way, but decided not to paint them in all their lilac-coloured glory, so that the blue of the bottle could dominate this sketch. beer bottles
If beer weren’t so scarce around here, I would start a series about beer bottles. Love painting glass.

13 thoughts on “blue glass

  1. please make a series and sell the prints so i may acquire them? i’m just prepping myself for work at my desk and looking straight at the print I have of “always be a mermaid” and you know, that’s all I need to kickstart the day. oh and chai and a brioche. haha love you


    1. You bought that print? LOL Thank you, you’re my personal Medici. Okay, I will see if I can clean these paintings up for printing…I need a clear and a green bottle, methinks. Good excuse to go out for a beer!


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