Ballast Grounds Hill

Ballast Grounds

There’s a small hill at the entrance to the port, called Port St. Louis, next to our open anchorage. We climbed it last Saturday, and I took a few snaps. There are a couple of lookout points, and the place is also known, in our old maps, as “Ballast Grounds”.

Gorgeous weather, for a change (it rains every day, but lately just in the afternoons).

Ballast Grounds

Our boat (top, right) on anchor below the hill. The photo doesn’t do the water justice…it’s the most amazing, limpid aquamarine colour, coral reefs and turtles perfectly visible through the crystal clear water.
Ballast GroundsBallast Grounds
Ballast GroundsBallast Grounds

This huge tree at the bottom of the hill caught our eye…Kris loves massive trees. He’s completely dwarfed in this photo…I feel a mischievous urge to give him a pair of fairy wings in this photo. 😉
A giant tree at Port Louis

13 thoughts on “Ballast Grounds Hill

      1. Nat, why not take a solo picture of the leaves on a twig or branch? The Internet is really very helpful in identifying things. Especially, since most countries have a Forestry Department or Bureau with web sites.


  1. Wow, that really is some TreeBeard, Lord of the Ents! Never saw one this big in our rain forests here!
    I used to capture the depth and true color of the sea by using a Polaroid filter over my lens…just wondering…

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      1. Gosh Love, I didn’t know that! So, rain forest mountains like Makiling re–forested themselves with second–growth! So, those big buttress–root trees Ipil (Kostermansia malayana) must be only 200 years old or less… It’s a crime when our acacias are cut down; some are so huge also. But your big tree has nothing like the leaf and branch structures of those trees here. Thanks!

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        1. Ipil is fast growing (isn’t it Intsia bijuga?) but yes, any location with a large settlement of people nearby has been logged, repeatedly, in the Philippines. Not even Palawan has original forest, anymore.


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