Nutmeg Nation 2 : : Grenada

Nutmeg Nation : : Grenada
My first walk around St. George’s Town…just a few shots, as I was with Kris, and he walks too fast. I plan on going for a photo walk this coming Sunday, early in the morning, before there are too many people (no businesses, not even supermarkets, open on Sundays, so it will be a good day to shoot the town)
Nutmeg Nation : : Grenada

Nutmeg Nation : : Grenada
Nutmeg Nation : : Grenada
Nutmeg Nation : : Grenada


8 thoughts on “Nutmeg Nation 2 : : Grenada

    1. Always prefer the older buildings, though in truth there aren’t many that go back all the way to colonial days, as the hurricane destroyed 90% of the buildings. Many are “reconstructed” or heavily “restored” to look like the old buildings… I love the terracotta tiles, they look like fish scales. Thank you for dropping by!

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  1. Very nice shots… Beautiful colors and ambiance, and those shots with somewhat abandoned houses are great. Seems that there are big differences in the society.

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    1. Hi, Gilles, No idea how the society is structured, but I suppose you must be right. There’s a 27% unemployment rate, which is HUGE. On the other hand, everyone’s got a little piece of house & land, and they grow their own food so they aren’t forced to pay supermarket prices for essentials. In St. George’s, where most of these photos were taken, there aren’t any residential properties left…what you see in these photos are new commercial buildings (occupied by businesses) and a few of the original colonial structures, left intact to create ambience, but boarded up, unsafe for living in, and no doubt privately owned.


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