Jungle trials, er, trails

Jungle Trail
We explored the nature trails on Baganara Island…the resort keeps these trails cleared, and there are a few old but informative labels on some of the trees and such.
Jungle Trail
Jungle Trail
Kris went often, in all weather; I enjoyed the trails until it rained…then the paths became little creeks of squishy leaf mold and mud, and the wildlife—insects, small snakes, frogs—would be swimming around my feet.
Jungle Trail
I am just so not an “Outdoors Person”, even though I love looking at nature. Something about having my feet ankle deep in mud, sucking my flip-flops off my feet, and the rain soaking my backpack and endangering my camera gear, that I find so stressful. (I blame my mother, who had a phobia of mud, and instilled the same fears in me…)

Jungle Trail

6 thoughts on “Jungle trials, er, trails

  1. Wow, such an amazing jungle – those trees are beeeutiful! Thanks for finding the time to share tidbits of your journey, I read all your posts and sometimes I envy you, sometimes I feel SO happy to be at home in my cozy apartment where I know where everything is. 😉 Take care my dear, and stay dry!

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    1. Hanna, if you knew how much I miss my materials, my quiet sunlit corner on the boat in Darwin, the predictable days of cycling through parks, shopping for groceries where I could find everything I wanted, the peace and ease of ordinary days!


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