Scarder, Pauline, and me

Mr. Scarder
Scarder is our butcher in Bartica. We came upon him one day, cleaning and cutting up cow’s heads. they’re used in a dish called “souse”. No part of an animal is wasted here…like many non-Western cultures, every bit can be bought, cooked, and eaten. It’s practical, and it would never occur to people here to cover it up, or pretend that what they’re eating is anything but a dead cow.

Miss Pauline
Also paid a visit to my favorite roti and curry shop…Miss Pauline not only agreed to a photo, but asked for one taken with me, so Kris took this shot.
Me and Pauline, Queen of Curry
Before this photo, I had not looked in a mirror for 7 weeks…we don’t have a mirror on the boat, and I was gauging how I looked by other people’s reactions to me…from the cheeky rastafarians amorous proposals, to the way old ladies or small children smiled at me…

I was shocked by the amount of grey at the temples! On the bright side, I have lost more weight, I am down to 74 kgs. now, from 94 kgs. three years ago. Those too-tight dresses I bought a year ago are now a “relaxed fit”. Yay!

16 thoughts on “Scarder, Pauline, and me

    1. So sad that I never found souse around Bartica, though I loved black pudding and white pudding. With hundreds of years behind the cuisine, you just KNOW that these cooks have taken the preparation of those animal parts to the level of art form.


  1. I think that’s a great attitude. People should see exactly how their food gets from field to plate. I’m (80%) vegetarian because I don’t like meat rather than through ethics but I source my produce as ethically as I can and that requires openness about the whole process. I’ve also ensured my kids know precisely what they are eating. They need to know that bacon was once a pig so they can determine if they are ok with eating an animal and so they can consider the welfare of the animals they are consuming. So that’s a way of me saying I don’t consider it grisly that your local butcher pulls bits of cattle apart within the scope of his customers’ eyes.

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    1. I totally agree…you want to eat animals, why be a hypocrite and pretend that what you’re eating was somehow plucked from thin air, in a non-organic rectangular shape, like some kind of meaty tofu? It doesn’t amke sense (and how DO people delude themselves to such a great extent?) In Japan Kris met young people who didn’t know what the relationship between cow and milk was…milk comes from a factory, they told him. LOL

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          1. There will always be haters, but the photographs reflect real life and many food lovers appreciate seeing the reality of how their meat is processed. If there are complaints please feel free to mention that a reader, namely, me asked 😀

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  2. Thats a brilliant weight loss, well done, I’ve also lost my excess baggage over the last 2yrs. Am now back to a healthy size and feeling fitter than ever. 🌞🌻

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    1. I don’t know how it’s happening…I certainly am not doing anything about it! I haven’t been to the gym for two years…must be the stints at sea, seasick all the time. 🙂 We’re also more on a vegetarian-type diet these days, as the boat has no fridge, so we can’t keep meat or dairy. We live on sprouts and beans in Guyana… LOL


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