Into the jungle

green world 1As the gloomy days stretched on, I moved from my journal and making postcards on recycled oatmeal boxes, to a small canvas…expanding on the plants and elements of the previous two, I painted these two fantasy jungle scenes, using plants and details both real and imagined.

DSC_0198They match up to form a bigger picture.


13 thoughts on “Into the jungle

    1. Thank you! I used acrylics. I stick to acrylics and watercolours on the boat, because there is nowhere safe to keep oil paintings for the three months they take to dry, especially in this tropical weather! 🙂


    1. The river flows to the sea 😉 It’s harder sailing UP the river, now that the rainy season has added more water flowing out. Some days the wind is just not enough to fight the flow.


  1. So happy to see your blog , ahhhh no sunshine dreadful. We have enough here . Love your paintings as usual so creative under duress and suffering from cabin fever. Keep well

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