A new design for Society6 (at last!)

Casa das Flores

I think my craving for old colonial buildings in Brazil is finally mellowing. I am spending less time running around trying to draw them all, and more time being inspired by my own sketches, using them as a springboard for more imaginative works.
Casa das Flores (detail)
In this one I imagined a three-storey building as a vase for giant flowers and foliage.
Casa das Flores (detail)The original painting was made with watercolours, gouache, and a sepia drawing pen on Arches HP paper. At first I really meant to colour the house as brightly as the flowers, using this sketch of Theatro Santa Roza as my guide, but after drawing the building in pen, saw that an almost black-and-white house provided better contrast.
Theatro Santa Roza

I can always try again: the ideas that I didn’t use in this painting will probably turn up in the next, and in the ones after that…
studies and thumbnails (Casa das Flores)This is available as an Art Print on paper and canvas in my SOCIETY6 shop. I will try to have the design available as bags, throw pillows, phone cases, and other products, before the end of the week.

Casa das Flores art print on Society6

20 thoughts on “A new design for Society6 (at last!)

  1. This is gorgeous…your style is beautiful! I love how vibrant and playful the flowers are. And the idea is so creative.


    1. Thank you! I credit the early Sesame Street! As someone who didn’t start doing visual stuff until I’d reached adulthood, it is such encouragement to hear this from you! I am still learning (aren’t we all?) but I am loving the journey, and I do feel more confident as the years go by. Thank you, again!


  2. You are such an inspiration. I have been caught up in other life doings and feeling art and imagination has been hung out to dry. Opened up you page this morning and fresh air flowed out of your work and filled me with delight. Your originality in your art and writing is amazing. Thank you for sharing.


    1. Rose, your bubbling enthusiasm makes me blush! Thank you, I am so happy knowing that these posts are making you smile! Thank you for following along, and for your frequent comments here…it makes the hours in front of a laptop more ‘human’ when I can think of someone specific on the other end…


  3. Some enterprising potter is going to see this lovely print and think “WOW. I could MAKE that vase!” And if he or she does, I’ll be in line to buy one. Delightful vision.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Darn, I was actually hoping to do that, myself, but can’t until this huge trip around S. America is done (a few years) and I am back in Australia, where I have about 50 kilos of clay waiting for me at home, and a lovely potter friend to help me with the technical details! Oh, well, ideas are like manure, you have to spread them around, and good luck to that potter! I will get around to it, too, someday…ah, mañana, mañana…


    1. Oh, I did sign it. Bottom left, just under the house. But no location for the grey house with giant flowers, because it’s a composite of my sketches, it’s not any one building. Born of the imagination, only loosely based on my sketches, rather than a depiction of reality. 🙂


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