Manhã de Carnaval

João Pessoa Carnaval

João Pessoa CarnavalParade Night in João Pessoa, the capital of Paraiba, and just a 20-minute ride from Praia do Jacaré.

João Pessoa CarnavalJoão Pessoa Carnaval

I really have no words for Carnaval…I’ve only been in Brazil for 6 days, and standing in that river of people as they danced and gyrated and sang and drank with wild abandon down the length of the city’s main street, from the plaza to the beach, was such a powerful, intense experience that I didn’t know whether I wanted to laugh or cry.

João Pessoa Carnaval
João Pessoa Carnaval
João Pessoa Carnaval

How can such a joyful night of frenzied revelry be so melancholy at the same time? Because it’s a brief week or two in the entire year? Because it is comes before Lent (the most morbid religious event celebrated by the death cult known as Catholicism)? Because we grow old, beauty fades, life ends?

João Pessoa CarnavalManhã, tão bonita manhã
Na vida, uma nova canção
Cantando só teus olhos
Teu riso, tuas mãos
Pois há de haver um dia
Em que virás

Das cordas do meu violão
Que só teu amor procurou
Vem uma voz
Falar dos beijos perdidos
Nos lábios teus

Canta o meu coração
Alegria voltou
Tão feliz a manhã
Deste amor

—Manhã de Carnaval, Luiz Bonfá


2 thoughts on “Manhã de Carnaval

  1. looking at the pictures Nat, it looks like you’ve arrived home. 🙂 at least whenever i look at the precious letter you wrote to me and the glamorous cutout fabric women and the splashes of colour and just this intensity of living and all it brings – joy, tears, laughter (Jesus Shaves!), I think it could be like this in real life – Carnaval. so beautiful you got to experience this. I’m recovering from chicken pox all week but rather happy i get to follow along on your adventures here 🙂


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