Seal of approval

Earl, the sealI call him Earl, because it’s the sound they make when they bark (Earl-earl-earl!), and because of John Irving’s book, The Hotel New Hampshire, and the seal, Earl, that was a family pet in the book.
Earl, the sealThis sleek sea-puppy decided to perform his morning yoga stretches next to our boat, so I got hundreds of photos, and some movies of him, too.
Earl, the sealThe story plot is a bit thin, I’m afraid…several minutes of him floating in circles, around and around the boat, holding both his hind paws with one forepaw, and steering himself with the other. A seal’s favourite asana, in these parts, it seems. I will post the video when I have edited it.
Earl, the sealThat said, most of the photos I post here feature the rare times he struck a different pose…looking less like a leather doughnut, and more like a seal.
Earl, the seal
Earl, the seal
Earl, the seal


7 thoughts on “Seal of approval

  1. Very cute. I love the photo of him floating on his back looking so nonchalant. This reminds of when I sailed from San Diego to Hawai’i and we had a friendly 40 ft. pilot whale who swam with us for about half the distance and insisted on brushing against our boat for attention. We could literally reach our and “pet” him.


  2. Thanking you kindly for posting these sweet pictures, it has surely made my morning, giving me lots to smile about. Take care and happy blogging to ya…


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