Some changes…

3 November 2014

I finished working for Jacksons Drawing Supplies last Friday. A bittersweet occasion. Wonderful to have tied up that loose end (and feel, more strongly, that things are happening), but I took many a longing, backward glance at that Aladdin’s Cave of art materials that was my “home away from home” for two years. Even harder to say goodbye to the beautiful people who work thereβ€”though we haven’t quite parted, yet…there will be a few more get-togethers for “The Jackson Five”, before I actually, physically leave Darwin.

My passport application went in today…two weeks is the usual processing time. Plane tickets right after that. Which means I have two weeks to finish packing, clean the boat up for her next occupant, and get the hell out of here. (Deep, deep, deep inside me, there is a tiny voice screaming at the top of its lungs in panic.) It’s okay, I’ll be ready…if I can stop obsessing over my new blog for a few days, and resist the temptation to drop everything and paint another page in my sketchbook, which is coming along as effortlessly as my luggage and housework are NOT.

3 November 2014

There’s almost nothing left in my ETSY shop…a couple of Kris’ Monsoon Dervish, a handful of his Out of Census, and some Matryoshka journals, maybe half a dozen cards…everything else has been sold, between ETSY shoppers and folks around Darwin who’ve heard I’m leaving. If you bought something from me, recently, THANK YOU! It’s all gone into the savings account for the trip. I actually saved enough to not feel so worried, anymore…a huge load off my mind.


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