saltwater daydreams

On a cold morning in Darwin, I’m dreaming of islands in the high tropics…

This gorgeous little film of Palawan From the Air by Scott Sporleder is the perfect way to start a daydreaming session. I lived here (El Nido, Palawan) for 7 years.

via Matador


4 thoughts on “saltwater daydreams

  1. Your invitation to me, Mom, Brian and Mike to join you for a week in your Marina del Nido paradise is one of the highest points in my life. I always dreamed of the South Pacific being like this, ever since I saw the earliest Technicolor movie “Alona of the South Seas” or something like that… as a farmboy of 11 or so years…
    Thanks for reviving those wonderful days spent with you and the Marina!


    1. Hey, Dad, thought you’d enjoy this, did you see Malapacao in 1:29 of the film? To the left of Cadlao Is. Made me feel ‘homesick’ for a bit, though the place is so touristy now, I think I’d hate to go back. Miss those limestone cliff views, though, and the crocodile-free water, for sure!


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