Aaaaand…some new journals!

In my Smallest Forest ETSY shop today…three Art of Tea designs, and Pink Bicycle with Doily Wheels, as handbound journals. All covers are of linen-cotton canvas, printed by Spoonflower.

I love them…someday I’ll be able to afford to keep one of each, for myself! But first, let’s pay for that ticket to South Africa, hmm? ZOMG I’m so excited by so many things, I think I’ll just sit here and squee for a while…


12 thoughts on “Aaaaand…some new journals!

    1. Thank you, Jeff! Yes, by myself and by hand. I’m a bookbinder, mainly…I mean, it’s the thing I’m best at. 🙂 It’s not something you learn overnight…I number all the books I make, but I didn’t count the first 400-600 books I made…I treated those as my ‘apprenticeship’, they were the mistakes I made in order to arrive at where I am now. So it goes, for most things we want to be good at. 😉


    1. Ah, my ETSY shop, it’s always a little bit on the empty side…;) I like to make the stuff, but I hate the rigmarole of posting a new item, takes so much precious time! I am determined to keep a better shop this year…fingers crossed! Thank you for the visit and lovely comment!


    2. Gorgeous blog, by the way…the photograph category especially. I’ve been seeing the spun theme around a lot these days, it’s really such a beautiful, minimalist theme! Maybe someday, when I have learned to keep my mouth shut and speak with images, more…;)


      1. Yes I love its minimal style 🙂 On the contrary maybe I will someday find more words to write rather than only with pictures 🙂 Thanks for following by the way.. your embroidery is an inspiration for me!


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