Handcrafted, come what May.

pop up3
The first ETSY Territorians’ Pop-Up Market was a success beyond our expectations…some 400 visitors descended upon the Darwin Botanic Gardens throughout the day, and we ETSY sellers were on our feet, meeting interested people and selling our handmade creations without cease from 9 a.m. till 3 p.m., when an afternoon thunderstorm showered our first ever craft event with blessings and tropical relief from the heat! Most of us didn’t mind, we’d all done so well that we were quite ready to pack up and go home.

pop up1

pop up2  pop up4

pop up5

pop up6

Encouraged no end by this, I’ve rolled the day’s takings into making more journals, getting more art prints done, and improving my stall’s wares for the two ETSY Territorian Pop-Up markets happening in May:

May 3rd, Saturday & May 4th, Sunday…


May 18th, Sunday…

etsy may market

At our “regular” venue: the beautiful George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens…pavilions and pompoms and dainty stalls under the leafy outspread branches of great-grandfather trees, across from the fountains of the water lily pond, and within desiring distance of the Botanic Café and their organic coffees and luscious cakes…

You’re invited!


13 thoughts on “Handcrafted, come what May.

  1. Congratulations! Encouraging and inspiring whenever artists can pull themselves out of the “virtual” and into the “reality” for a meet and greet. Even better when the community comes out to support you.


      1. I can totally relate! I often feel like I’m in a censorship battle with colour in everything from outfits to creations, to how I decorate my home, but the colour wins out every time.


    1. It WAS very good, a very different feel to many craft shows I’ve attended as a seller (though, surprisingly, my best craft shows were in Asia, where I think people are hungry for this sort of handmade specialness and less likely to get it). I hope the good vibes go on for the rest of the year!


  2. This is fantastic. I haven’t heard of anything like this in the States, other than traditional craft fairs. This seems a little different from that, though, and I think it would make the general public more comfortable with etsy and buying things off it if they could/did meet the creators. Glad it went so well!


    1. Maybe you should start it! If you’re an ETSY seller, I mean…ETSY Territorians is entirely the work of two determined Darwin artists/makers who have shops of their own on ETSY…they pushed, pulled, and even got ETSY Australia to support the initiative.


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