Pomp & Circumstance, ver.2

What I did on Easter Sunday and Monday: Repainted the H.M.S. Pomp & Circumstance on a larger canvas.

I loved the idea of a city-ship with an animal figurehead, lurching through green waves and clouds, but the first version of this illustration was too small (5″ x 7″) and a bit cluttered. I’ve streamlined my ideas, since, and cleaned up my city, and am liking this version much better!

HMS Pomp 21

My apologies to those of you who purchased a Society6 print of the first version and now feel cheated! I just couldn’t help myself, after I saw the bigger Society6 prints, and how terrible the tiny image, enlarged to 13″ x 16″ and every bump of canvas showing, looked… (Psst! Moonike, message me!)


6 thoughts on “Pomp & Circumstance, ver.2

  1. Aww, am actually rahter happy with the first version of Pomp&, although this 2nd version is incredible as well. Love your style! I do feel like wanting to collect ’em all 😀
    I’m waiting for the shipping of “Legends Meet” at the moment, also tiny version, I’ll let you know how the print of that turned out.


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