Some pics (but no birds)

Sadgroves Creek

Sadgroves Creek

Sadgroves Creek

crocodile trap...occupied this morning

Last night the mesh door of the trap was up; the following morning the mesh door had dropped…i.e. someone was inside the trap. We scooted over to have a look, but it was a very small crocodile, impossible to see or photograph in the dark centre of the trap. I didn’t even try…I’ve taken pictures of bigger crocodiles swimming, out in the open, around our boat, so this little lizard wasn’t exactly front page news.

Sadgroves Creek

Although I can hear them everywhere, I don’t have the thousand-dollar lens that will help me get a photograph of a bird hidden in the mangroves from the distance of my boat…so until I’ve worked up the nerve to push my little dinghy into the tangled mangrove roots and sit quietly until I find some birds (or maybe some big reptile finds me, first?) I don’t think I’ll have any bird shots for you…

Sonofagun in Sadgroves Creek

Last, a recent photo of ol’ Sonofagun in her new neighborhood…


14 thoughts on “Some pics (but no birds)

    1. Like most countries, I think Australia suffers from the effects of media hype…normal life doesn’t make the news, it’s the sensational stuff that does, and then people go around thinking that what they see on the news is common. It’s not as though there’s a snake or spider occupying every square foot of the country…I personally haven’t come across either in years…
      It’s like believing polar bears walk the streets of Helsinki, or that Finns only eat reindeer. πŸ˜‰


    1. LOL We took a couchsurfer, once, (cracks me up to remember the evil looks Kris gave me, as I hadn’t consulted him!) but we are well past the age when sharing a house the size of a school bus with strangers is interesting. There are houseboats for rent all along the rivers of the Northern Territory, though… πŸ™‚


    1. Oh, God, Linda Joy, I’m just the shopgirl who puts your orders together, enough with the fan nonsense, you’re a topnotch artist, yourself. We are not wortheeeeee…. πŸ˜‰


  1. Lovely, lovely. And grab a bird photo when you can–just don’t let the crocs grab you! My birding here in North Georgia USA is often intimidated by black bears!


  2. You may not have a thousand dollar lens but what you do have is a lovely partnership between you and your camera as the photos are beautiful. To wake up to that scenery and sunrise and go to bed with that scenery and sunset must truly be magic.


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