These new ads

Last year I made just over a hundred dollars with WordAds…that doesn’t sound like much, but it was fine since I don’t push this blog or ram it down people’s throats via social networks, and the amount at least covered annual registration of my domain name, getting my WordPress blog to use my domain name, plus little fees here and there associated with keeping a not-terribly-businesslike blog up and running.

It’s not a source of income, this blog…if anything, it gobbles up time, energy, and internet credit (which, in Australia, is absurdly expensive…$180 for 12 GB of data). So I was grateful for the WordAds earnings…$7 here, $10 there…seemed like not a bad deal in exchange for a little square at the foot of each post with some stupid video for Carlsberg beer or Luminosity.

But these new ads suck. Things popping up in front of my own photographs is not cool. I assure you that I hate this as much as you do, the way I hate the ads popping up in front of Youtube videos.

So I’m turning the ads off completely. There are better ways to make a hundred dollars…and without compromising values, aesthetics or integrity. Please bear with me if I mention my designs for sale on Society6 more often, or promote new journals in my ETSY shop with monotonous regularity, but at least this stuff is my own, and in return for helping me make ends meet, you’ll be getting something handmade or beautiful (or both). You win, I win, and together we can keep third-party advertising and their pushy, ugly corporate interests to a minimum.


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