I’m 6! I’m 6! I’m 6 years old today!

Six years ago, completely clueless and feeling like a total dumbass, I started this blog.

Thank you for being here, for holding my hand, for commenting, and for giving me frequent thumbs-up signs to boost my confidence. I no longer feel like I am talking to myself, or into the void. The Smallest Forest has become a relaxed and welcoming place for me express myself and share things from my life with others. Do you remember the post where I marveled that I had somehow attracted 1,500 followers? In a fraction of the time that it took to reach those early readers, TSF now has 10,000+ followers. My word.

Almost as though they were sending The Smallest Forest a birthday present, Society6 has just offered us all $5 off each item plus FREE SHIPPING. Offer lasts until April 13,Β  2014, at midnight, Pacific Time.

Please click the button below to avail of the promotion.

April 2014 S6 promo


20 thoughts on “I’m 6! I’m 6! I’m 6 years old today!

  1. Happy Blog Anniversary! WOW! Six years already? I have always been inspired by your blog and your craftiness! Keep up the great work and thanks for always inspiring me to grow up to your standards! P.S. – Send some of your followers my way too, will ya?! ❀


    1. Thank you, Valerie! Just doing what I do, not really trying too hard, which makes it doubly amazing when people do come by. Oh, listen, just keep doing what you do consistently, the rest just sorta snowballs… πŸ˜‰


  2. Happy blogoversary to one of my favorite blogs, ever! Love the diversity and the feel of adventure you offer. May you keep feeling inspired 4ever!


  3. LOL!!! Well done! I am still dumbassing around so kudos to you. Well done. I know how confusing it can be because I have just started. Love from Cape Town, South Africa. πŸ™‚


    1. LOL Thank you! Long live dumbasses, they’re just finding their niche. Just keep going…eventually somebody notices. LOL. πŸ˜‰ Cool, Cape Town! I’m gonna be in Jo’berg at the end of the year… hoo boy!


    1. Woot talaga! S’weird, coz on the one hand it feels like an achievement…and then when you really look at it, what you’ve mainly managed to achieve is to talk self-centeredly and egotistically about yourself, on a regular basis, for 6 years…and accompany that conceited monologue with photographs. LOL Ang galeng-galeng! \m/


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