Craft-bottomed girls, get on your bikes and ride!

A girly retro pink bicycle, resplendent with wire baskets and crocheted doily wheels—don’t snigger, this is actually a pretty accurate representation of the bicycle I still ride…only mine’s red and named Ruby Belle—sets off (on her own, because I wasn’t confident enough to paint a rider!) to have an adventure some place exotic and fabulous!

Just posted this in my Society6 shop today.

Art is afoot…society6 has added rugs to their list of products.

The original was painted some years ago, and disappeared en route to Germany by post. Luckily, I took high-res pictures.


Handmade journals with this design are coming, too…no, not on Society6! I mean my own handmade and bound journals, covered in beautiful linen-cotton canvas (as soon as I get my Spoonflower fabric…I’M SO EXCITED!). Stay tuned!

15 thoughts on “Craft-bottomed girls, get on your bikes and ride!

  1. Wow, I haven’t thought of this 70s Queen song in awhile — I wonder how many other people got the reference? In any case, your cool design rises above it.

    I always wanted a sting ray bike — I wonder why you never see those around anymore?


    1. It’s been on my mind recently because of a cartoon on facebook that went around a couple of weeks ago… and because I’m a fat-bottomed girl on a bike, most days of the week. 😀 What’s a sting ray bike?


  2. So cute and deserving of a magical landscape! As for bikes that ride on without a rider, it’s not impossible. ha!


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