A Pop-Up Upmarket : : ETSY Territorians

ETSY Territorians Pop-Up Upmarket 2014

I’m pretty excited about this new pop-up craft market that’s coming to the Territory…the ETSY Territorians Pop-Up Upmarket.

Happening only during the 6 months of the Top End’s cool and gorgeous Dry Season, this once-a-month boutique-style array of handmade loveliness is different from most of the markets to be found in Darwin, in that it features only Top End craftspeople and artist/makers who also have shops on ETSY, and whose work is of the highest quality. ETSY sellers bring experience with global markets, internet savvy, marketing and styling panache to the local market scene…no mass-produced touristy tat, or poorly-made tchotchkes flown in from someone’s holiday in Bali, here! This is the market where you’ll find something handcrafted, unique and precious—for yourself, for your home, or to give as an outstanding present to someone very special.

The first Pop-Up Upmarket is happening on Sunday the 13th of April! If you live in Darwin (or even further out but don’t mind the long drive into the city on a Sunday), please come to the very first ETSY Territorians event—set under the massive old trees of the George Brown Darwin Botanical Gardens from 9a.m. – 4 p.m.—and help us start this new market with a flurry of discovery and delight! The market is officially supported by ETSY Australia, and by the Northern Territory government.

We aim to grow this market into a popular Top End tradition and you could, years hence, be telling everyone that you were there from the beginning! 🙂

For more information and to help spread the word about the very first pop-up upmarket, please visit the official ETSY Territorians facebook page, or share  event invitations to April’s market with friends and family who live in the Top End.

To find out who our local ETSY craftspeople are and see what they make, check out the ETSY Territorian team.

Fabric Bunting Beads

at a Darwin craft market


2 thoughts on “A Pop-Up Upmarket : : ETSY Territorians

  1. How fun! I have had an Etsy shop for two years and love all the interesting and creative items for sale on the site. Lately there has been a lot of controversy regarding the influx of imports by the thousands claiming to be handmade, which I guess if nitpicking could be considered handmade as they are made by hand in a factory paying pitiful wages, etc. It’s nice to hear of a local site having just handmade, by self, at home, or in a small space, items. I wish I could be there.


    1. Hi, Kiihele! There must be many more amazing craft markets where you are, surely? Darwin’s a small town.
      BTW, I went to a fancy dress birthday party last Saturday…it had a Hawaiian theme…I never saw so many fake plastic leis, polyester grass skirts, and loud prints on men’s shirts together in one place before. Even the wine glasses wore hula skirts. It was like an Elvis movie on acid. Naturally, I didn’t come up with a costume, couldn’t be arsed, I was coming straight from work, I wore jeans. 🙂


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