Released in the morning

released in the morning

This small handful of journals and watercolour books that I put together yesterday spent the night tightly clamped between smooth, hard boards…like unruly winos locked up for their own safety.

A favourite way to start the day is to pour a cup of coffee and sit in the breeze on deck as the sun comes lancing over the tops of the mangroves, and release the previous day’s work—what was a loose and motley collection of disparate pieces held together with runny glue and faith in the powers of synthesis—from the grip of the press, to find that everything has come together with a grace and finesse that still takes my breath away.

kidskin and marbling watercolour book

Yesterday: paper, thread, fabric and leather scraps, glue, grey-coloured board.
This morning: a dense, well-made, glowingly beautiful book that feels precious as it sits in my hand.

tea journals

Magic. I will NEVER become blasé about the transformation.


32 thoughts on “Released in the morning

  1. Thanks for sharing & it’s so true – it’s hard to get bored when there are endless transformations! That is one of my favorite things about spinning yarn, watching it all come together with color and textures!


  2. To quote A. Steele’s line from E L James’ Fifty Shades of Grey: “Raising the ordinary to extraordinary.”
    I’ve always known you as a very gifted person…


    1. Wow, salamat Let…sus, laro-laro lang ‘to, “killing time in a warm place” kung baga. Thank you for the comment, now I know someone’s been reading “Mommy Porn”… 😉


      1. Well, you surely know how to play well… So much texture if i may say.. Ang galing😊
        Mommy porn? I don’t know what you’re talking about….hahaha


        1. Sure you don’t… >:) I refuse to read that book…as I refused to read Eat, Pray, Love…
          Well, not quite true, I read about 5 pages of each, before deciding that they weren’t worth reading. LOL Too Chick-Lit for me. I’m old-fashioned…


  3. They are all beautiful! And you write about them with such a passion that they seem to get a soul, as if they were literally born during the night (in a way, they were!). What a gift you have, to create books like art work!


    1. Hi, Haley, yes, pretty much, although the teacup journals in this post are made with the original paintings, and reserved for a tea-themed exhibition coming up in my hometown. I am working on getting the designs printed on linen fabric, to make simpler journals for my ETSY shop, but the fabric hasn’t been printed yet, it may take several weeks before I have any of these to sell. Thanks for your interest 🙂


  4. These are beautiful! I have to admit, I’m lusting after all the books with teacups on them. You have a gift. What do you use for the covers? I’m seriously in love with these works of art.


    1. Thank you! The tea cup journals are covered with artist’s canvas that has been painted, collaged with tea-stained book pages and decorative papers, bits of fabric, some machine and hand stitching. I do all this before I make the canvas up into a case for the book. Hope this answers your question.


      1. How long have you been making journals? How did you get into the art? They are incredible! Do you sell them?

        (Sorry for the flurry of questions, I’m fascinated by this post.)


        1. LOL it’s okay. Making journals since 1996; I got into it because I was a Lit major and wanted beautiful notebooks to keep my writing in. I learned from books that, these days, are available as reprints from Dover Books, if you’re interested in becoming a bookbinder…
          I sell a few online but mostly I sell at craft fairs here, or in the art shop where I work. The teacup journals will be available in a simpler form, as digitally printed linen covers, in a month or so, if you want to check back. 🙂


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