Spirograph journals are out (after a little spell of self-doubt)

I showed you this fabric I designed and printed with Spoonflower aaaages ago, right?

Well, I was chuffed when it first arrived, but then I got cold feet about actually making journals from the fabric and it has lain all this time, unused, in a drawer. I let my self-destructive superego get the better of me. I started to find fault with the design: too busy, too many colors, too immature, the subject was too simplistic, not enough thought had been given to composition, to balance, not enough care was taken in painting it, blah, blah, blah…. In the end I convinced myself that I should be ashamed to show this design to people, or put it on my journals and offer them for sale at craft markets or online. It was just SO UNSOPHISTICATED!

But my ETSY shop was empty last week, so I took the fabric out, looked at it again, and (in a gentler and more accepting mood) found myself thinking “It’s okay for a first time fabric journal design…and there is something uninhibited, psychedelic and childlike about the intense colors, the clashing patterns, the higgledy-piggledy arrangement of elements. All of which, I realised, I’m actually grateful had happened to this journal cover design, and not some other. At least these qualities fit the subject, no? So I have been lucky, really.

1969 Spirograph : : a handbound journal

Inspired by a Spirograph toy from 1969โ€”that I always wanted but never gotโ€”which Kris bought for me on ebay a year ago, on Valentine’s Day. The original design was worked in inks, paints, and colored pencils on linen; with additional textures, overlays of other paintings of mine, and some floral patterns added in Picmonkey. The actual book covering fabric is linen-cotton canvas printed by Spoonflower (this is an awesome fabric to cover books with…the more I use it, the more I like it). There are two cover designs (because I printed the cover as a mirrored repeat) so you can choose to have a greeny-blue cover, or a mostly warm reds-and-yellows cover.

I have 7 of each cover version, now available on ETSY. Details about the paper and binding are in the item’s description there, too.


18 thoughts on “Spirograph journals are out (after a little spell of self-doubt)

    1. Thank you, Louise. There’s a fine line between constructive/honest self-criticism (necessary, in order to grow) and being unreasonably hard on oneself…the trick is to find that sweet spot of balance, I guess. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. These are so beautiful, but you already know that I think your work is so outstanding. Do you have the link to Spoonflower to purchase this fabric? I would love to make a canvas of it, and some adorable summer pillows! โค


    1. Sorry, Valerie! Nothing fixed as of yet to sell as plain fabric…the design is cropped exactly to fit a book cover, so is rather small, and there’s the stripe of the spine running right down the middle, and the parts that don’t show up on the book (the bits that overlap the sides and disappear inside the book) are just a plain color; would be very ugly to look at, as a fabric print! I would like to come up with a similar design that can be used for more than just a journal case. But. I am slow and lazy and unfocussed, so don’t hold your breath. ๐Ÿ˜€


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