art print : : Legends meet

Legends Meet by the smallest forest on Society6Another illustration I’ve managed to scan and post for sale as an art print. Mostly paint, but the ship is cut from tea-stained paper (a biography of Mata Hari…I soaked the whole book in tea many years ago, and have been using it very slowly in various mixed-media and other small projects…such as book beads, and making kusudama.

The original is very small (5″ x 7″) so even scanned on high settings, the largest print Society6 can offer (based on my original scan) is 13″ x 18″ (330mm x 457mm).

If you go today, there’s a promo spread across the whole site—$5 off each item and free shipping worldwide—and an archival Giclée print of 13″ x 18″, on 100% cotton paper, costs a whopping US$19.00 on my page. Pretty amazing. I even ordered prints of my own stuff, the prices were too good to pass up! Bought some to keep (originals had been sold) and others to add to my craft market offerings. Can’t wait for the prints to arrive, I am dying to see how my illustrations translate.

7 thoughts on “art print : : Legends meet

  1. Nah, no worries. I’m happy to be able to contribute to your next adventure. 😀 And I will beg, whine, and roll over for a print of the Postcards cover. Hee.

    Naku, okay lang yun. I never remember dates, either. I can barely remember my own landline number! Haha. 😀


    1. WHAAAT? Ninay, oh, to you it should have been a present! Birthday mo pa naman this year! LOL (you think I can remember when?) Salamat, salamat. Uy, wow, ano ‘to, “special request”? 😀 Oo nga, ano, that would go with the other two silly ship ones, wouldn’t it? (Gusto ko sanang gumawa ng series of 4) Will try to ‘recreate’ the design in a format more suitable for an art print. Letcha know how I go.


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