more teacups…

gold roses tea cup
Gold Roses of the Sun…a one-line poem from Monochords by the Greek poet Yannis Ritsos; a teacup inspired by Islamic tiles, a tea-stained page from a book about Australian Literature…

Still making teacup illustrations. I have done 7 or 8, now. It’s impossible to paint teacup after teacup, and not get fancier and more ambitious as I go. I really can’t repeat a series of steps over and over, it bores me silly…I don’t know how other artists do it! For me, every teacup has to trump the one before; I have to accumulate what I’ve learned previously, and bring that to bear on the next illustration. Eventually I will hit a ceiling, where my teacups (or anything else I’m illustrating) become so baroque, so slick, ornate, and extravagant, that they are monstrous and kitschy, and the balloon I have been soaring in pops, sinking slowly back to earth again.

The Sea Dog’s Teacup, below, is maybe two or three cups away from that point at which my designs and ideas will collapse under their own weight. Still, it was fun while it lasted, and I loved, loved, loved drawing the seascape and albatross on the side of the cup…as well as the magic realism of the sailing ship inside it.

And just for fun, I’ve posted it on Society6, as well (everything I make, pretty much, is going to go on there from now on…sorry if it gets boring, but a girl’s gotta pay for her art materials and South American adventure somehow! πŸ˜‰

Sea Dog's tea cup


25 thoughts on “more teacups…

  1. What, are you kidding? I’m so happy that you’re putting your stuff up for sale somewhere. Someday I will be able to buy one, and that makes me very happy. πŸ™‚

    These teacups are gorgeous. I love them.


    1. Thank you! I really need to use up some of my fabric stash, and sticking big squares of it down to canvas seems like a great way to use it quickly (I don’t have the temperament for patchwork!)


      1. Guess what, I have a fabric stash too. And I don’t even sew or do mixed media art(I’m goofy with my love of fabric). I really love your canvas art….keep making these(gosh, do I sound like your Mom or what)


        1. πŸ˜€ Every woman has a fabric stash, I think, but some know better what to do with it…I’m in awe of ladies who throw frocks together for a weekend picnic, or those who patchwork enormous bedspreads…I usually only make litle dolls and things, and that just isn’t cutting through the stash quickly enough. I have an irrational terror of being 80, and living in a small pensioners flat, drowning in musty, aging fabric. I must use it up faster! Yes, I think I will keep doing these. My mom was a worse hoarder than me πŸ™‚ Thank you for this fun exchange! N.


  2. this makes me so happy! i love teacups, and your second illustration is so reminiscent of adventure and wayfaring and the beauty of it! regarding the comment you made about artists who follow routine, i’m not sure i am deserving of the title ‘artist’, but i can’t work with routine either! so i totally agree. keep up your amazing work (:


    1. Thank you! I actually only drink green tea…and prefer coffee to tea, in any case, but I’ve always loved teacups (and drink coffee out of them). These are for a tea- themed group show that is coming up around Mother’s Day…


        1. Just the local crafts council. They’re doing The Art of Tea this April…
          I’ve tried to cut down on coffee; like you, I have it black, and got to having about 6-8 cups a day. Started to give me an acid stomach. Though green tea, at 2 litres a day, is having strange effects on me, too. Obviously, the drinks are not the problem…quantities are. πŸ˜‰


          1. i see.. wow! that’s a lot of caffeine (: you must be immune to it now. i’m sure green tea has lighter effects than black coffee, so you should be just fine! the Japanese probably drink loads of it too, no??


          2. i see.. that’s a lot of caffeine! (: you must be immune to it now. i’m sure green tea has lighter effects than black coffee, so you should be just fine. the Japanese probably drinks loads of it too, no??


    1. Thank you! I have a few more teacups done, and maybe a few more to make, and then I think this obsession will fizzle out for a while…I’ve got a group show on the theme of ‘Menagerie’ and another on ‘Gardens’ that I really should start working on!


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