Tea for two (and free shipping on Society6 prints!)

levender front mock

A couple of designs on the subject of tea, in anticipation of a tea-themed Mother’s Day craft event in April. Another four designs are coming, as soon as I can get the originals scanned. I’m still pretty hopeless at this online hustling 🙂

Green Tea with Moths and Moon

Tea with Lady Lavender iPhone case

These are available as cards, art prints, and iPhone cases on my Society6 page…and until the 9th of March you can get free shipping on the art prints by clicking on the button below…

Free Shipping on Art Prints till March 9


6 thoughts on “Tea for two (and free shipping on Society6 prints!)

    1. Wow, I do hope the print resolution is good (will you let me know? I can’t afford to buy a print, myself, at this time, and check!)
      H.M.S. is the way the British Navy names its ships, so this one is named “Her Majesty’s Ship Pomp and Circumstance“… and that phrase refers to splendid celebration with lots of showy ceremony and fuss. It is also the title of several military marches played at ceremonies, such as graduations. I just thought it suited this ship, with a whole medieval city built onto it, the pennants and flags flying, big conqueror’s ship 🙂


    1. Hi, Dave,
      I have received them, actually…sorry for leaving you wondering. Wasn’t sure what to do about them…they seem mostly to be telling about yourselves and your likes and dislikes at length? I’m not comfortable going into long, involved correspondence with folks I don’t know…hope that’s okay with you? I feel that I write and share enough stuff publicly, on this blog, without having to write one-on-one replies to epistles from strangers! 😉
      What I am prepared to share with others, I write (and you will find it) here, somewhere.
      Hoping you understand. 😦 Nat


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