shooting sea birds

shooting terns

Some terns, hunting slivers of silver fish in the rough waters of the harbour. They wheeled for hours, diving close by my window in the great gusting winds of a tropical depression. Grey, grey day, though there are patches of blue sky here and there…and blue is a color I haven’t seen in the sky for over a week!




I am holed-up indoors, a little sun-deprived but otherwise busy…mind swarming with ideas and projects…strange and lush images rising in my head like pop-up worlds…godlike creatures and wise old demons parading by, arm-in-arm, to the braying of a hurdy-gurdy orchestra.

Going deeper into my own weirdness these past weeks, unlocking cage doors and setting free the menagerie…

Listening as the distant howling draws nearer…

Getting ready to howl back…maybe even join them.


7 thoughts on “shooting sea birds

    1. I got lucky, I set my camera to Sports setting (it’s a pre-set…lazy, amateur photographer that I am) and was surprised that it actually worked. I think even little instant cameras have the setting, it’s an icon of a man running.


  1. Thanks for the lovely tern shots (when I first read your headline I thought, “Oh no! Someone’s gunning down birds for fun again!). About 10 minutes of Google has me certain they’re Great Crested Terns – am I right? We have Common Terns, Little Terns, and the rare Roseate Tern here on Long Island Sound. So cool to watch them diving.


    1. Thanks, Dave! I have no idea which tern it is, I just enjoy watching and being surrounded by sea birds—not really particular about the names man has assigned to them—and view them as citizens of the air, envoys of the gods, symbols of the soul, freer than we brain-burdened homo sapiens are. 🙂


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