what some people can do with a ball of thread

greeting card by Zim & Zou
It’s always worth paying a visit to Behance when French designers Zim & Zou post new work. I admire their paper-fuelled creativity, their wicked skills with a scalpel, and their colorful, simple designs that champion handmade elements, without the digital artifice.
exhibition book by Zim&Zou

These three items (a greeting card, exhibition book, and portfolio) are part of a personal project promoting their work. All incorporate simple thread geometrics stitched on paper. Something childlike and retro about the designs (maybe I am thinking about Spirographs, again) but also something faintly oriental (and it’s probably the Japanese binding, and echoes of temari)
portfolio by Zim&Zou

Speaking of temari, I suppose everyone’s seen the My Modern Met article—about some extraordinarily intricate temari balls by a Japanese grandmother—that has been doing the rounds on facebook?

temari by Japanese Grandmother, via mymodernmet

While each design is stunning enough, in its complexity and perfect construction, it’s also mind-boggling to see how many of these traditional hand balls, once a child’s toy, Nana Akua’s 88-year-od grandmother has made: over 500 of them! Every ball, or so it seems, is documented on Nana Akua’s flickr stream.
Apr2009_my 88yrs old grandma's works : TEMARI


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