painting makeover, part 2

green gemstone journal

Hmm, so there isn’t really all that much left to show for this Part 2 except what I did with the finished painting/embroidery: a simple handbound coptic journal.

green gemstone journal

A quick shlip-shlop of blue-green paint on the back cover, and some fine lines of gold paint made with a syringe and hypodermic needle, sort of echoes the front cover design. Stitching of the book was done in DMC soft cotton yarn. Endpapers in teal. That’s all there is to it, really.

In other news, tonight I impulsively bought flights to and from Manila, departing at he end of January, returning in mid-February…in the hopes of catching my Mom alive one last time. Hopefully she will live that long. I’m due for a visit back, anyway.


That means I’ll be spending my birthday and Valentine’s Day in Manila. Should be a good trip, actually…good to catch up with my dysfunctional but fun family, and I have really missed my friends. Can’t wait to see them.

That means I’m dead broke again…by the time you pay the taxes, add some checked-in baggage, pick a window seat…what was an incredibly cheap couple of flights nearly doubled. I came within 10 dollars of my total bank account balance. Was feeling like such a scrooge as I neared checkout that I actually clicked “Remove” on the options “Travel insurance” and “Donate $2 to change a child’s life”. LOL Someday, maybe, I’ll change a child’s life; right now I’m just trying to keep my head above the water. You have to laugh at the things life throws at you…laugh or go crazy.

Rubbing my hands together over the next handmade gift…I have tonight, tomorrow night, and a few hours on Saturday. Unlucky co-worker # 5 may end up getting an origami boat. Not even a crane, but a crappy origami boat. Out of newsprint…

*this is how it always happens with me: I make a casual joke, and then ask “How can I run with that idea, and still make something awesome?“* Origami boat, huh? Hmmm…….


11 thoughts on “painting makeover, part 2

  1. Sorry to hear about your mother and I hope you will get to see her alive by then. But for some reason your line, “I impulsively bought tickets to and FROM Manila” made me giggle, as it seemed to me you obviously are not planning to stay there.

    I sure look forward to seeing your posts about Manila after your trip.


    1. LOL subconscious fears that I will somehow be detained and trapped there for ever? One’s family can feel needy, clingy…you’re right, that was a strange thing to say, like a reminder from my subconscious to myself.


    1. Thanks, glad you like the journal, Oh, no, I’m allergic to the snobby sailing crowd…”all the seamanship money can buy” is what I always sy America’s Cup should take as their motto. Or “It’s them boats, it’s not the men in them boats…” LOL I want to keep it real. šŸ˜‰


  2. woman! first, this is a great journal. second, i’ve dreamed of seeing you again and perhaps documenting/celebrating your art/craft in film, could it happen finally? i really hope so. love you and wish you merry holy days šŸ™‚


      1. manila sometime mid feb but maybe we could root to go there earlier. i’ve got some scrap vintage fabrics you can use for your projects and some kitchy stuff i think you’ll love. ā¤


        1. Eeks! Wouldn’t it be terrible to miss each other by a few days?!? Good heavens, you’ll have enough to carry without bringing me vintage fabrics…don’t load yourself on account of me! I’ve got one small backpack, myself. The barest essentials. šŸ˜‰


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