Painting makeover, part 1

green hill

As my weekend comes to an end, with two handmade gifts yet to make before Saturday night, I started to play dirty. Took a small painting I was never happy with (green, hairy lump of Lord-knows-what)…

WIP green rock

Took it off its stretcher and punched tiny 1 mm. holes all around the outline of the shape, and then randomly punched holes inside the shape, too.

WIP green rock

The punch is a Japanese drill or screw punch…the smallest hole punch I’ve found, yet. I got mine from Hollander’s. (Crafting is such a delight when you have the right tools for the job!)

WIP green rock

Then I started to “connect the dots” with lengths of variegated DMC Perle #5. No plans, no sketches, just running up and down and inventing the paths as I went…

WIP green rock

Couldn’t resist and added some dots and filled some areas with gold or glitter paints. Probably shouldn’t have, but what the heck, I’m leaving it in. (Running. Out. Of. Time…*gasp* Must. Keep. Crafting…)

The piece will go onto the cover of a simple coptic journal. I started binding the book today, but it got dark before I could take photos, so this post will be continued tomorrow…

Hope this has given someone some good ideas…


12 thoughts on “Painting makeover, part 1

  1. So beautiful! I also did that for one of my craft gifts this year. I recreated a painting I created a few months ago and it transformed completely. It’s nice to go back and see if inspiration springs again!


    1. I love getting stuff OUT…I hate unfinished, mediocre, half dead works lying around…the indecisive clutter, the feeling of wasting things. If I can cover things up and use them again, it makes me feel soooo on the ball. I love that, re-purposing and giving things new life.


      1. Yeah, that’s wonderful! I have to do a lot of crafting these few days and I’ll def keep re-purposing in mind. Holidays are coming before ya know it!


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