wrap up

Throwing Stones opening

A big thanks to everyone who dropped in last Friday night (and the following Saturday, as well) to see our marbling show, Throwing Stones for Fun and Profit.

It turned out to be a huge weekend…we never expected so many visitors over the two days, nor such an enthusiastic response to the things we made. I left Kris to handle the sales (less confusing if just one person does the accounting) and it seemed to me as the night wore on, and I stood talking to visitors and pulling on my drinks, that the walls around me were breaking out in a severe case of Yayoi Kusama red dots!

Yayoi Kusama's "I pray with all of my love for tulips."
Yayoi Kusama’s “I pray with all of my love for tulips.” photo by Samuel Mark Thompson, 2012, in Osaka.

Of a dozen marbled Bananafish there is one left…ditto one handmade card out of 60, and one embroidery out of the six I managed to finish in time for the show. The mind reels!

Still incredulous at the success of the exhibition, and glowing all over from contact with all the lovely people who came and showered us with love, friendship, and affirmed the belief that when one does what one loves and enjoys, others can feel and appreciate it.

Throwing Stones openingThese few desultory pics are from Wednesday, when we set up…I didn’t take my camera to the opening, because neglecting friends who’ve made the effort to drop in while you are busily trying to get good photos is just plain rude, and distances you, besides, from the special environment of art and artists that is unfolding all around you.

Throwing Stones opening

That was so much fun, and turned out to be profitable, too, so Kris’s title for our show worked like a self-fulfilling prophecy! I have a couple of group shows locked in for next year, but other than those, this was the last exhibition Kris and I planned to mount before leaving Darwin next year…though we’ll be back after we’ve re-stocked our creative wells with some travel and new experiences!


11 thoughts on “wrap up

  1. holy mother, congratulations! this is brilliant and beautiful and happy that you collaborated together and with huge success – collaborating couples is hard to come by. heh. can’t believe i’ve skipped all these happenings in your creative life. but as always, so glad to see so much beauty each and every time


    1. Thanks, Kat, we think of ourselves as best friends before we think of ourselves as a couple, so it was not hard to work together, it was just an extension of the way we collaborate on everything else. 😉 If you had time to read other people’s blogs regularly, you wouldn’t be getting much done, yourself. (Thereby excusing my own infrequent visits to Zero The One…heh heh)


  2. You said profit… why wouldn’t we want to pay a little? The commitment you guys have to your art is worth so much more than what you can earn financially. So many of us feel trapped in our mundane lives. You both dare to live free! I’d pay just to see a free man walk down the street…. bit your art was awesome as always! Make sure you save some of that money to stock tub with rice!


    1. LOL Yes, I think I’ll go buy a sack of rice, now (and blow the rest) Even though I don’t eat rice anymore. Too funny, Dave, thanks so much for dropping in to the show…twice! Honored to have friends like you.


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