Catch of the Day

stage 2

Working on “Stage 2” of my marbled and stuffed Flying Banana fish. (Musa volatilis of the Exocoetidae family, as a matter of fact, and not related to J.D. Salinger’s Banana Fish (spp. A Perfect Day For ~)

Today I painted the tails and stitched them to the stuffed bodies. Ran out of small black buttons, so not all of them have eyes, yet.

catch of the day

With every step the number of fish lessens, as trial-and-error ‘messes’ one or two up and I have to put them aside (to fix later…but it won’t be in time for the Throwing Stones for Fun & Profit exhibition). Started with 17, but I’m down to 12 or 13, now.

Also, I have too many blue fish.

Coming next: a couple of fins (just the dorsal and anal fins), and a pair of iridescent ‘wings’ (pectoral fins). Better get cracking…showtime is just nine days away…


9 thoughts on “Catch of the Day

  1. I love them, blue and all. What a conversation piece they would be in a big glass bowl as suggested earlier, but I love fried fish, so the frying pan works for me. Good luck with your show!


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