a stone’s throw away…

handmade marbled cards

Our exhibition, Throwing Stones for Fun & Profit : New marbling, is fast approaching.

So far I’ve shown you Kris’ marblings…he took a month off from work, so he’s had more time to potter around at home and throw stones (I’m so jealous!) while I have only managed to squeeze two days of marbling into the past month, so far. But the stuff in this post is mine.

The weather has been inclement—cyclone warnings, squalls of wind-driven rain and rolling seas have prevented us from marbling this weekend—and it’s exasperating to have the looming show date pressing in upon us, and not be able to make more pieces. Instead, I’ve tried to do something productive with whatever’s on hand:

Marbled papers with slight defects got cut up and turned into cards…

pink swirls

Pieces of marbled cotton (more of those white bedsheets that we pulled from a hotel’s dumpster…I don’t think I will ever get through them all) got stretched over small wooden stretcher frames, and a bit of embroidery added to them…

At home in the tropics.

I also made really good high-res scans of the marbled fabrics; you never know, they may come in handy, someday.

new marbles


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